laugh_in_spite_by_applefightNowadays the Kinyozi swag is fadin’ away so fast. Current Kinyozis aka Barber shops are kinda silent with very booooring sissies with curly hairs and other girlish traits. They have made shaving as expensive as salon hairdos. I miss the days when barbers were the best storytellers…politics, sports, wives, politics, sports and politics were the main stories. They had pictures of footballers and cools roots and culture songs (My kinyozi guy, in particular, had two speakers in a kibuyu)…We would only shave after footballers and Jordan only…unlike skuizi where we shave like chicken (mohawk) but we still chicken out at the prices when we take our girlfriendss to Chicken Inn
I overheard some story about some jamaa who wanted to buy brains and went to a brain shop only to find that an African brain was more expensive than an American’s brain. The jamaa was like ‘WTF! Those brains are so over priced man” “Ts coz they are new and still unused” came the reply! Anyhu, it’s only in Kenya where teachers will never be goalkeepers,THEY ARE ‘STRIKERS’….(Haki Yetu!! Haki Yetu!!!).
My drinking buddies always say that “Both a cop and a thug are your enemies when drunk” I recently outran some cop and am not from Rift ValleyI had an advantage over them coz I had Safari boots and they had their normal big boots (…which made em run in slow motion)…Ole Kiyapi should give Kenyan cops Reebok shoes or skateboards for a faster flight or just let em run barefoot, ts just a suggestion anyway!
Am out…