Is the internet is currently abuzz with the ongoing twitter clean up that has mercilessly stripped off fake followers from people on the social media platform. From Presidents to former presidents to socialites to influencers, name it.

Nobody is safe if you have been riding high using fake followers your 40th day is here. Now, we all know Kenyans can be ruthless and heartless when it comes to trolling especially if they have something that they may not like about you.

And with this opportunity having presented itself, they couldn’t let the self-proclaimed twitter big wigs like blogger Cyprian Nyakundi and radio personality Xtiandela lose followers in peace as they quickly made all sorts of funny memes you can think of.

‘Enemy of the people’ Ezekiel Mutua wasn’t spared either after having dropped from over 100,000 followers to just 34,000 followers. Kenyans wanted an explanation for it stating those fake followers cannot have brought themselves to his account. Some went as far as asking the no nonsense Kenya Films Classification Board director how much of the tax payers money was used to buy those fake flowers.

Check out some of the funny reactions and trolls towards the all situation sampled on twitter;