According to the internet, the future is here, and it is light up eyelashes. By that, we mean literal strips of eyelashes covered in lights that flash and sparkle. I KNOW, right?

They’re called F.lashes, and they’re the creation of designer Tien Pham, who first showed them off at Maker Faire earlier this year.

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F.lashes are tiny strips of LEDs that you stick to your eyelids with lash adhesive. There’s an annoying, bulky controller and a connecting wire you have to hide somewhere (best bet: in your hair), but once that’s in place, the effect is amazing. The f.lashes come in seven different colors, and light up in various patterns in response to your movements.

Expect to see it in music videos first, then at clubs and festivals, and then they’ll be weirdly looking at you all over the streets of Nairobi. Then, when future iterations drop the wire, we hope they’ll go mainstream.