When the fuel crises begun yesterday, nobody thought it would get this serious. By yesterday a number of petrol stations had run out of fuel as the transporters had decided not to transport more fuel in protest of the just implemented 16% VAT on petroleum products.

Today the situation just got worse as more petrol stations have run out of fuel and the few that still have now ‘hot’ commodity are reportedly selling it to motorists with limits. Images of a number of expensive fuel guzzlers stalling on major high ways due to lack of fuel are being shared online showing just how bad the situation is getting out of hand.

Meanwhile Kenyans took to social media to give their reaction towards the situation with some giving serious thoughts to the situation and the rest making fun of the situation of course. I mean with many motorists having a bad day they definitely need someone to make their day lighter.

Here are some of the reactions from twitter;

All eyes are now on the President, Uhuru Kenyatta, to do something about the fuel crises once he returns from his trip to China.