Elgin Baylor Lumpkin aka Ginuwine has got to be one of the most celebrated and respected artists worldwide. Known to have such great sex appeal and charisma he is known for the songs ‘Pony’,’So Anxious’,’None Of Your Friend’s Business’,’In Those Jeans’,’Differences’,’Stingy’,’What’s So Different’ and ‘Same Ol G’.

Having so many awards and trillions of fans across the globe, he is a force to reckon with and is flexible to working with anyone who is willing to make hit songs with him like Mya whom they did a song together called ‘Its Real’.

Performing in Kenya at The Plot
Performing in Kenya at The Plot

Despite his age, he still manages to pull crowds and entertain with all that wit and charm plus his smile lights up any room.

The Plug Into The Plot Concert #NoFOMO

He was in Kenya recently for the Plot Concert organized by PRC and Varcity got to have a chat with him about life, love and music and here is what he had to say:

Does Timbaland still produce some of your music?

No He doesn’t. Maybe later on, if it happens it happens.

People have always known Ginuwine to be a sex symbol in the music world. How does this make you feel?

I don’t pay attention to it.I’m thankful to those who look at me like that.

What’s your secret to looking this good and always keeping it 100?

I drink a lot of water, stay youthful. My kids keep me young and energetic.

How did the demise of your parents affect your career and you as an individual?

Music brought me through the demise of my parents

How do you manage to get yourself out of scandals?

I stay quiet. I don’t pay attention to them.

How do you prevent your family from being attacked on social media?

They are not affected.

Any last words?

I love everybody. Follow me on @Ginuwine (Twitter), its play time (Facebook) and Ginuwine TGT (Instagram).