Breathe check, armpits double check, wallet triple threat!

“How far are you?” and you can hear the infant irritation on her voice from the other end. Sunday’s here and she claims to be in town already, clumsy you delayed!  “Less than 5 minutes,” you hurriedly console her. Never keep a fair lady waiting, but you did a few background checks and she doesn’t hold so high on your standards.  You met her at a function or at The Junction; doesn’t matter which venue, but you want to puncture her juncture on the first date. You’re so looking forward to that. Prior to this you’ve been sexting and she sounds really down for whatever. Your pharmacist hasn’t seen you for a while but you passed by Friday evening for the slippery rubbers.

When you get to meet she looks fresher than an after-shower! Judging by the way she’s dressed your first instinct is to take her meet your family because she looks so lovely just seated there, a little pissed there. But then you heave closer and her cleavage is 3 inches open. Your demons from Baraculu start to make a major comeback, good lord!

The going is great, because you’ve managed to buy her food and now she’s all chatters and less pissed. You’ve also managed to convince her that a little whiskey would be good for the conversation; it comes with some liberation of the soul.

You get her home, and you let her walk in first so that you can decide whether you’d actually bring her back or watching her back on her way back is the last thing you want to have to do with her. You’re both slightly intoxicated which is a good thing; it means your Sunday sins will be weighed on a lesser scale.

You talk a little, make out. You really take your time to make her feel comfortable. Already she’s made a few suggestive jokes, like how you peel the crisps wrapper like it was a condom pack so you know shit about to get real.

And then, when you’re knee deep into getting to the dripping delta, she looks at you in the eye and mumbles something that you quite didn’t catch but that sounded like, “I need to get going…” you think she’s just being modest but she starts to button up.  And then it hits you! All through the conversation she had 99 problems and you didn’t pay keen attention, or maybe she’s just been working on adjusting her standards but you almost got her!

Ladies, is it okay to lead a guy that much on or should you give it up on the first date?