This month’s Go Down gig was held on 25th February 2017 at the GoDown Arts Centre from 4p.m. every headliner was to grace the stage for one hour. Nahna from Kisumu started off the event with an energetic performance. Her songs were majorly sung in Dholuo. With her on stage was a full band, two background vocalists and a dancer who matched her energy.

After Nahna’s set was done, one of Partyville’s DJs, Dj Slakerz, stepped in with a mix, which kept the audience entertained as the next act, Le Band, time to set up.

Le Band had a powerful introduction to their set thank to their lead guitarist who did an electric solo. Although the singers’ chemistry seemed loose from the start, they managed to keep up the performance. Most of it was decorated with theatrics and technical hitches here and there but they kept the audience entertained. The performance of their single, “Heartbeat to my Soul” had a beautiful Acapella introduction. It followed into a reggae groove there after. Toward the end, Suzziah joined them on stage, well dressed for the performance, maybe even more than the boys. They sang a bit of Tarrus Riley’s “Don’t come back” to engage the crowd then went on to their hit, “Number 1” which the audience seemed to have been eager to listen to. The performance of Number 1 however did not seem together as the musicians lacked co-ordination and communication especially towards the finish.

Gilad and the Superband were next on stage after Le Band, the instrumentalists started out, giving Gilad time to get on stage and his background vocalists time to set up. Gilad’s vocals were impressive and the band didn’t overpower him at all. He didn’t struggle to be heard. His lyrics, “ who said a white man can’t sing Swa”, in his song, Black or White, disregarded racism which caught my attention. They sang together as they flipped their palms revealing both the dark and the light parts of their hands. Though most of his songs sounded almost the same, Gilad had good chemistry with not just the audience but also the band.