Going Out This Weekend? Here Are Must-Know Tips On How To Rave Safely

    Thank God It’s Plot Friday!! It has definitely been a long week. From assignments, to exams to crappy weather,  all you need to do now is let loose. Raving is definitely the best way to do so!! Music, dancing, booze and good company from your friends. But there’s always some dreadful parts about it. When you rave your are prone to many dangers. From getting robbed, being involved in an accident from drunk driving, being sexually violated by someone to being drugged…it’s an endless list.
    So here are some tips to safe raving:


    I never understood why people went with friends and rave is all about making friends until I realized that it’s the only way you won’t get lost cause they’ll look for you. When you go with a group of friends, you’ll never get lost because they’ll never leave you alone at a club. There’s always wowser in the group who’ll try control your drinking or just ensure you’re not gonna go home with a weird looking stranger. In my first rave, my sister was there all through to ensure I don’t get raped cause truth be told I was as drunk as a priest!!


    If you carry a bag or clutch ensure that you don’t leave it anywhere even at the table with your friends. Not that your pals may steal from you, no. People get carried away. It’s only human. He might end up seeing a girl he likes and leave your stuff unattended to go vibe her. Another friend may be getting busy with her boyfriend and your purse is the last thing on her mind or even hear her favorite song and get on the dance floor. Anything is possible.

    If you’re not good with things in your hand make sure you necessities e.g. money, ID, phone…are on you. either in your pocket or bra. For dudes, ensure you pocket is deep enough. I remember at Hakuna Matata Festival, I saw a wallet on the ground. A guy picked it up and an hour later a very angry guy was scouting the area for it. It was such a shame I couldn’t help. How could I describe a guy I only saw once in the hype of a party.


    This is the oldest advice in the book. Don’t leave your drink lying around or it’ll be spiked. I didn’t realize how serious it was until my best friend got drugged in town in broad daylight and had to be taken home by a pal. The side effects are just horrible. Nausea, Puking, excess sleeping and body weakness. This incident left me pretty shaken. I mean if it’s that serious in the day, what of in the night??!

    Never leave your drink anywhere and don’t let a guy buy you a drink if you won’t be there to see it being served.
    This is almost a compulsory with the new traffic laws. No-one wants to pay a wholesome amount as fine for driving under the influence. Road accidents are even worse than the fine. Accidents happen everyday  and people die. If you’re raving in a town out of Nairobi say Nakuru or Naivasha, drive back to Nairobi the next day after all of you have sobered up.
    It’s no crime to turn up but do it responsible. If you know you’re going back home by jav ,don’t get too drunk to walk. That’s not proper. I don’t know where the mentality that you’ve gotta be drunk to have a good time came from. It’s nonsense. You just need a few shots maybe to make you loosen up but over do it. If you black out you’ll be vulnerable to any prying guy in team mafisi. Please take care of yourself.
    I know the whole idea of going out is to have a good time and if you’re lucky make new acquaintances while you’re at it. Don’t be naive. Most guys just need a lay and if you’re not on the same script things may get ugly. He may spike your drink just to get you to his bed. Don’t think all guys understand ‘Take it slow’ or rather take ‘NO’ very well. The wise guy who came up with, ‘Trust no-one but yourself’ knew exactly what he was saying.
    The dark is the devils home, they say. Why do you think late hours of the night are called ‘ungodly hours’? Ha! Now you know. Avoid dark and deserted areas of the party. That’s where he (the unlucky drunk) is waiting for you. Many girls have been raped in a room full of people just because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person. Don’t be that girl.
    There’s mini and micro mini. Ladies if you know what’s good for you, don’t wear a dress short enough to be a top. Your sexy legs and thigh game will attract more than you want. This one time we went out with a friend of mine and she chose to wear a booty short. Big mistake!! Given she has a huge arse and everything nice…she ended up getting more attention than she’d bargained. All the ugly, old and weirdos of the club were on her. Maybe a couple of good looking guys but still. You don’t want to always watch your back because everyone wants to grind on you.
    The shorter the dress, the more you’re prone to be sexual harassment.
    As you go out tonight, please heed these words and you will have an amazing time, stress free.
    Take care!!