Following the drought that the country has experienced for the past three months, the price of food products escalating leaving many Kenyans stranded and living on the edge. Maize meal flour for example had risen from Kshs. 90 to Kshs. 150 and milk form Kshs. 50 to Kshs. 60 or even Kshs. 80.

Even though the government placed the blame on the drought, some people speculations point at the nearing elections stating that the owners of these food companies are to benefit from the increase of food products as they would use the funds for their campaigns.

However the government came up with subsidized maize flour. Dropping the price for the big packet to Kshs. 90 and the small packet to Kshs. 47. The government terms this as a move to alleviate drought although it is simply reversing the escalation of prices.

Some people also argue that mwananchi is paying for what is meant to be relief food from donor countries following the drought affecting about 3 million Kenyans. Relief food is in fact meant to be free not subsidized. Some of these packets of maize flour also have manufacture and expiry date so close to each other which may pose as a worry to consumers.

With this we hope that other brands of maize flour will reduce, not just Soko as well as other food products like milk as well as vegetables. An increase in food stuff results to an increase in other products within other sectors, it largely affects the cost of living.

Tell us what you think about the subsidies and if this is indeed a solid move from the government.