If you happen to step in any literature class, you wont miss to read either a novel, a play or even a short story.  Literature lovers can tell you how awesome some books they read impacted their reading culture.

A renowned author was commemorated by Google on her 61st birthday despite her not being around. Her works transformed many in the society. Literature has been  vividly viewed as the mirror of the society.

If you want to hide something from Kenyans, put it in a book though we just have people who love to read extensively.The novelist, who wrote a renowned book The River and the Source, was born on 12 June 1958 and died on September 12, 2011.

A novel that gave full description of what transpires in the Luo land. From “Chik” meaning regulations to seeing the light by some of the characters in the novel. I t also brought the issue of colonialism in Kenya and how christianity came to play.

“A home without daughters is like a spring without source,” a quote that all who have read can relate with. The novel also re-encompasses on the girl child of those age. Most girls ended up being married at a tender age but for those who went through the white man’s education,their lives were quite enormous.

Akoko one of the character stood firm and didn’t accept to be inherited. A societal envisage that allowed for women inheritance especially when the husband passes on. With the rise of HIV/AIDS cases in the country, imagine how such a society would be?

The author also brought humour and irony in how people perceived the western world. She taught morals to the society through her novel and many who read the book can attest the various themes that came strongly.