There has been a substantial growth in the use of technology and the internet in the recent years and the growth is getting even bigger. The world is moving towards a digitized civilization and Africa, especially Kenya, isn’t being left behind in the migration. With the help of Google (Sub-Saharan Africa) in collaboration with Centum Learning, a training programme;#digitalskills4Africa; was launched in Nairobi on April 12th, 2016. The programme involves a 4-hour training session aimed at equipping young Africans with necessary free digital skills.

The Google Digital Training Skills team paid Baraton University a visit on September 18th 2016 to share with the about 75 students and staff in attendance skills to filter, evaluate, correctly use, and communicate information in today’s digital world. The training session was absolutely free and open to students and stuff with certifications like;

  • Google + Centum Learning branded Certificate of Completion
  • Google Certified AdWords Certificate (upon completion of an online AdWords certification exam)

All these are to be offered on completion of training.

During the 4-hour session, the digital training led by Ms. Philippa  Lenemiria of Centum Learning, managed to cover a number of skills topics from basic skills to professional skills.

Some of the skills covered include:

  • Benefits of digital skills
  • Smartphone & Internet penetration in Kenya and Africa
  • Basic Marketing Concepts
  • Future Technology
  • Building online presence
  • Characteristics of latest mobile devices
  • Opportunities in a digital world
  • Qualities of professionals that companies are looking for

This initiative is bound to change the face of businesses and open doors for young digital entrepreneurs. The digital age is here!

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