Gospel artist Papa Dennis on Monday posted a video on Facebook of him with Ksh 20 million on a table.

In the video all he and artist Noushka do is count the millions together. His followers were angry at the fact that he referred to it as ‘only’ 20 million when some of them have never seen that much in their lives. Fans got angry claiming that the musician was bragging and he needs to sit down and be humble.

This wasn’t a good move seeing as gospel artists in the country these days are being labelled as untrue to the gospel.

In the comments section, many people criticised his actions saying he was showing off to which he responded saying there’s nothing wrong with showing others what God has blessed him with.

If you’ve ever watched his music videos though like “Wonder” featuring Korede Bello and “Bless Me” featuring Chidinma, you’ll see that him showing off his wealth is just a habit of his. Clearly he’s just another money hungry gospel artist; we’re used to seeing them now since they’re rampant these days.

The facebook video has over 108,000 views and hundreds of comments.  

Papa Dennis is with Maliza Umaskini but clearly the only umaskini he is malizaring is his.