From the reaction of the accused gospel artiste’s one may say that the both have acknowledged whatever they did and they have apologised, though they have not accepted whether they were involved in the latest scandal.


DK Kwenye Beat is also asking for forgiveness from those that have felt hurt iwith the trending story about him and Hopekid infecting a student with a deadly sexual transmitted disease.

After the story broke out to the public,gospel singer Size8 reborn took her time to have a chat with the sarisari hit maker to know exactly what happened.

In the video interview, the gospel singer acknowledges that he has made several mistakes and asks for forgiveness from those that feel hurt with the story going rounds.

He apologised to his girlfriend who has been supporting him in this hard times and even to family and friends who have felt disappointed by this news.

I would wish to apologize to my girlfriend who has been nothing but supportive to me especially during this difficult season.he wrote.

The Pakacha hit maker also talked about being called By God to led this generation in the ministry. And in this trying timed he has apologised to the church fraternity and friends.

Check out the video: