The gospel industry has witnessed a lot of transition. Most of the young singers who are in the gospel industry have been making a lot of mistakes in the long run. Others have been accused of rape cases while others have even been alleged to have transmitted STI’s to their beloved “baes”

It all started with DK Kwenye and Hope Kid who were accused of having a “Threesome” with a lady. The lady who was supposed to be a video vixen in their latest works came out to talk about the act.

After the story that trended for the better part of February, another story has picked on. A lady has come out to talk about Mr. Seed’s feud. The lady whose story was published by the Star News paper talks of being raped by  Mr. Seed.

Earlier on, the couple had allegedly blamed Weezdom for being paid to tarnish Mr Seed’s name. Weezdom has, however, refuted the accusations citing that he does not know the lady. leave alone orchestrating the scandal.

Weezdom has come out in tears to tell gospel artist to carry their cross.

“Mimi inanihusu aje? Kuhusu mtu kulala na msichina alafu apatikane. Unajua Mzazi hii gospel mahali imefika saa hizi, inahitajika mtu ukipatikana kwa shida tuache ku blame shetani, tuache ku blame marafiki, uache ku blame mu yeyoe (How does it involve me when someone is caught sleeping with a girl? You know Mzazi, where this gospel has reached right now, it is high time people caught in problems stopped blaming the devil, friends or anyone),”

Weezdom stated amid tears.


He has faced the wrath of netizens who still believe Mr. Seed is a saint.

With the rising cases of the young gospel artist being accused of many immoral acts, Kenyans need to be vigilant on what happens behind scenes. The gospel industry seems to be full of people who are busy drinking wine at the expense of preaching water.

Who will stand for the truth? Who’s fooling who? Well, we need ambassadors who will propel the gospel without stereotyping.

Do you think Mr. Seed committed the crime?