With most of the public transport vehicles having streamlined to the new rules and regulations by the government, the focus has now shifted to boda boda riders.

Boda Boda riders queuing for fuel at a local petrol station

Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia has formed a twelve member task force that will be working on the policies that will now guide the boda boda sector. The task force has been given up-to 60 days to come up with rules and regulations.

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The boda boda sector has in the recent times become a frequently preferred method of transport to many Kenyans especially for short distances and sometimes long distances. However on the negative side, it has also been known to be run by crooks as there have been no distinct laws to guide the sector that as of now has over 700, 000 operators.

Many operators do not even know the basic traffic laws that are used on our roads and with many often going against them, deaths related with the same have been on the rise in the recent days. Most of them have reacted negatively to the news so far but of course with Mating’i being at the forefront of the whole thing then they will have no choice but to bow to what the government will say.