2.00p.m.: Things being rickety between Angela and I means having to resign to my room after class having not bothered to make friends with anyone else from school. After the church incident Rachael has been all the more kind towards me. Her treatment however seems cautious, calculated, not genuine. This from any other person would appall me but somehow I cannot direct any wrath towards my roommate. She has not brought up conversation regarding my spiritual life but I am certain that is bound to happen. Earlier I bumped into a few of her friends from the Bible discussion and they all greeted me with warm smiles.

I thought of frying eggs for lunch but my pan being at Angela’s I decided against it. The mess was already closed, lunch had to be skipped. Fifteen minutes into the movie I had began streaming I saw Rachael from her side of the room signaling me. With my headphones down I realized that she was offering to share her lunch with me; boiled rice with well fried kidney beans. If this is her way of luring me into church she might actually succeed.

5.30p.m.: I had dozed off for a good thirty minutes being woken up by Rachael and Lucy’s (Rachael’s friend and our classmate) laughter. They profusely apologized for the ‘noise’ even after I assured them that I hadn’t planned to nap and I was glad they did wake me up. I left for the washroom and when back in the room I set about to prepare some tea.

“Umm..Nafula how is Angie?” I almost laughed at Lucy referring to Angela as Angie. She hates being called Angie and only I call her that; when I’m teasing her. I had turned to face Lucy and the look she wore gave me chills. The worst of thoughts raced in my mind. Gravely I demanded she tell me what had happened to Angela.

“I was only asking because of what happened last week, I wanted to know if she’s OK now” said Lucy timidly.

Angela and I have not talked for more than a week now. Something happened to her that clearly others but I knew about.

“She didn’t tell you?” I must have been as clear as glass. Rachael took it upon herself to narrate to me what had happened to MY best friend.

“There was a rumour among the third years about Angela and Khaemba,” eager as I was to hear it all I cut her short.

“Which Khaemba? The guy running for Chairman? Angela doesn’t even talk to him.”

Lucy annoyingly went on about how Angela had gone to see Khaemba over his manifesto, something to do with a promise to secure internships for students at Law Firms once he got the seat. That was something Angela would do, she ever gets excited about politics.

Rachael went on with the narrative, “so while Angela was in Khaemba’s room, he must have excused himself and gone out but after he left he rushed to a room full of third years, his classmates.”

I eyed Rachael impatiently, seeing no need for theatrical pauses. She went on, “Khaemba told the guys that he had a girl in his room waiting and there were no…er..he told them he needed protection because he couldn’t find any in the bathroom” ( typical of Rachael to be embarrassed to say condoms)  “so the third years kept watch at Khaemba’s room to see the girl who would walk out and it happened to be Angela.”

“What! Who’d believe that guy? Angela would never!” I was yelling.

“We know, Khaemba’s like that, most people are on Angie’s side.” Angie again!

“I’m going to see her, why didn’t she tell me?” I was hurt Angie had not told me this but I was more Angry with Khaemba.

As I made to leave, Lucy hesitantly tried to stop me; she seemed almost afraid. “Angie is not at room, she’s been going home after class these past few days.”

I walked out all the same. Now I was truly hurt.