#GrooveAwards2016 Fashion Looks!


The 2016 Groove Awards gala went down at Safaricom Stadium, Indoor Arena. The fashion looks at the event did not disappoint with many looking amazing. Here is a rundown of the fashion looks of the night:

  1. Anto Neosoul

He embodied Pharell in his black hat. The grey suit and overall was unique enough for the event. Thumbs up from me.

anto neosoul

2. Jaymo Ule Msee

We know you are marketing your shirts but the look is too casual for the award ceremony. Don’t you think?


3. Power couple

I love everything about their look, from her cool pony tail braids to his awesome sneaks. Although a casual look, the unique style has them on the awesome look list.


4. Lady in blue

The dress is okay, her look is fresh. However the combination of the two just isn’t working. The dress should either be tighter on her and pressed properly.


5. Grey and black mess

Hmm.. no.This look isn’t doing her any justice. It could’ve been better without the grey sleeves and just left it as a tube dress.


6. Blue suit

The blue suit and red bowtie looks good, however you need to straighten the tie before posing for photos.


7. Pink princess

She looks amazing in her pink ensemble. Her matching makeup compliments the look as well.


8. Red and black goddess

The dress in itself is great. I however think she over accessorized on her jewelry. Simplicity in jewelry is always best.


9. African queen

The neck piece perfectly completes the look.


10. Peplum diva

Not too bad. Shes keeping it tight and fit.


Any other looks from the night that you loved? Let us know below.