The Guy Codes


1. Raise your hands on her. Never ever do that no matter her offence. you have no right even if you are her husband.
2. Promise to marry her when you know you
have no plans to. Don’t even try it because she is going to hold you by your word. Don’t begin to tell her “I will make sure you and our kids live a comfortable life.” or “I want my kids to have your eyes.”…….. you don use your hand
press signal. Don’t raise her hope and dash it on the floor. It hurts.
3. Have unprotected sex with her when you
know you are not ready to be a father or when you don’t plan to end up with her. Ask any child that was born out of wedlock, at least 80 percent will tell you how much they missed both parent raising them up. when you use protection,you are not just helping her but also helping your unborn kids………… Give them the life they truly deserve.
4. Cheat on her with her friend…….. it makes
you look stupid. it is wrong to do so.
5. Treat her like a piece of rag because she
loves you so much. A lady might be blind with love for a long time but be sure that she will see clearly and by then she will treat you like you never expected. You would wished you treated her right because then someone would have taken your place in her heart.
6. Judge her by her past. for her to open up to you means she trust you. Don’t use that
against her.
7. Don’t be too possessive……… you could
loose her at the end out of your own
carelessness. The best gift you could give her is the “freedom to be her” Don’t become
monitoring machine because of jealousy.
8. Don’t pretend you still love when you know love for her has left your heart. Hurt her with the truth than pretence. A naked truth is better
than a dressed lie.