In this current age of ours,your current/potential girlfriend or boyfriend was someones ex or is probably dating someone else just like you.If not,you’re the lucky few.So stick it out with her or him for as long as you can.

Now to the majority of people out there.You all probably have a Main and a side,based on whatever criteria you chose to use.Ladies,you are the ones most in the dark when it comes to your boyfriends cheating on you.I know y’all claim to have that sentinel kind of feeling when he is cheating on you but if he knows what he is doing then its tricky to find out.Right??It hurts to find out,because probably you were all in,both feet in the sinking ship,plus recovery from such tumbles is hard.

Men on the other side,you are both the cause and effect.Its somehow imprinted in your DNA that women are your play things and getting serious is not a first option unless you’re 35 and growing wrinkles.Try and change that,but thats not why we are here today.

I would like an answer on why the great difference between your reactions when you find out you’re  dipping your hands in the same cookie jar.

By Vix.