Growing up, I’ve had the privilege to fall in love a couple of times. Now looking back I may smile or cringe depending on which memory has resurfaced.

Fact is us ladies never forget. We have that one guy that left such a deep impression in the depths of our souls that if he appeared today you current marital status will be long forgotten. Others too adventurous to have just one. So I categorized these guys to more general but relatable titles.

  1. Puppy love

Ladies I’m sure you recall vividly that one boy you fell for when you were completely naive. You had no clue what love was let alone loving someone. Nevertheless you were certain what you felt was love. Holding hands, stealing kisses and whispering sweet nothings to each other. Ooh what innocence! It’s cute really.

  1. Le heartbreaker

We all have this bastard (pardon my French) to remember. He was your one and only. The true love of your life. He promised you the stars and moon. Probably promised to marry you… Sorry if I struck a cord for some of you. What makes it a bitter pill to swallow is probably the fact that he was your first. The first for you to let him in literally. He broke your heart either because he cheated, started taking you for granted, broke it off, ran off when he heard you had become a two in one deal. The list is as long as it can be. Yet it’s sad how we still forgive them. Making excuses in our head how he will realize his mistake and come running back into your arms and you’ll have an amazing dream wedding and live happily ever after with many children.Earth to reader! If you imagined all that you’re probably suffering from a high dosage of less soap operas…smh. He isn’t coming back for you. He wasn’t man enough to love you right so he definitely isn’t man enough to own up to his mistakes.

  1. Bad boy

This is very common in campus. If you haven’t experience this home wrecker don’t get married before you do. This man will make you do everything your principles are against. I dub it the bad girl syndrome. He gives a whole new and fresh meaning to clubbing, drugs and let me not start about the bedroom… 😀 . Why you fell for him in the first place is unclear but you know what they say about the forbidden fruit. It’s probably the adrenaline that blinds your conscious mind because once you’re out of his claws you have a wtf? face and cringe when you recall details of that engagement. At least you will learn your lesson and maintain your standards next time.

I think I’ll conclude there. These are the most generalized category. Going to more detailed ones would make it*cough* personal… You probably have more in mind: feel free to share.

By Stacey Nduta