Gospel artist are taking Kenya by storm. I don’t know what it is with God and blessing this beauties with amazing voices. They say the devil comes in the most beautiful of packages. When it comes to this, I disagree. God who comes to us in the best of beauties. If any of the guys out their are hoping to land this hotties you’re out of luck. God already won their hearts.


This young lass became a hit with the great song ‘Najua Hutaniacha’. She has released more songs after that hit that filled our airwaves for months on end. As the song blessed our hearts we couldn’t help notice how beautiful the singer is. Makena is gorgeous in every aspect. Both her family and friends can attest to that.


#4 DEE

Dee maybe just an upcoming Gospel artist but you can’t deny that she’s got talent. Her song ‘Wannabe’ shows how she’s got great rhymes and a voice like an angel. An angel she is. Have you seen her?! Gorgeous is an understatement. She’s flawless and her fashion sense highlights it.


‘God is beautiful indeed. He created this belle. Chuchu is a pretty yellow yellow with an admirable faith and the curves that are attracting both the faithful and unfaithful. Who can’t help but appreciate the God given assets? Men will always be men.

This famous Kubamba host is a well known for her inspiring music and her strong faith. This lady has been my girl crush for as long as I can remember. She’s got a great body and amazing smile. Her astounding beauty is undeniable. On top of that she’s a family woman who shockingly even after years of being on screen never seems to age. She’s as ageless as wine. Seems God blesses His people.
This is the sexiest of them all. Jakas are officially the most beautiful people. First, Lupita Nyong’o then now Joyce Omondi. This lady has it all the talent, the flawless skin, curves in all the right places…Kweli, Mungu Ainuliwe.! She knew why she was singing that song. She’s got men singing it too.
joyce omondi
Well, guys you can save your drool for those are our top 5 gospel singer picks. Do you have any other? Please let us know.