It finally happened!!I’m talking about this month’s edition of the Varcity PikNik event which was also the third edition of the monthly live music picnic concert. Being one of the most anticipated events of this month, disappointing our fans was out of topic which is why we had to bring in some of the best live music performers.

MC Jemmoh

The event begun officially at around three o’clock with an amazing performance from singer Jairus Mola who did his thing getting the crowd into the mood. Second in performance was female singer Ashley Mziki before boy band Cleff and bandana who were also the main act in our first edition of the event took the stage.

Ashley Mziki
Clef and bandana

Those who attended the first edition will tell you you do not want to miss a performance by Cleff and Bandana, them boys know how to wow a crowd and considering the diversity of their music from slow love songs to reggae and their delivery is on another level.

Mumbi aka Kenyan shilling

We had more performances from Spoken word poet Mumbi, singer Chiluba and Bendi Huru before the main act of the day took to stage.


It was Halisi the Band.

Halisi take the stage

Talk about diversity, talk about good voices, talk about guys who can play instruments while still singing perfectly and talk about guys who can pull moves while still singing at the same time, now that’s Halisi for you.

These guys performed 9 songs and had the crowd sing them all along. They literally had everybody dancing away the cold. If you did miss this month’s edition then you definitely missed a lot.

Meanwhile you know we care about all our fans including those who missed and that’s why we are set to bring it right back next month.