If you don’t know about these guys, you’ve probably been looking towards the wrong direction in campus.

They are Halisi the Band, University of Nairobi’s most active, electric and according to the ladies, romantic band ever formed in campus for a very long time. So who are they? Varcity conducted this interview and this is what they had to say:

Halisi the Band is a gentleman quartet band composing, recording and performing music in the afro fashion fusion. They are the next Sauti Sol, probably better!

It comprises of;

Galvin Leting – Vocalist and Guitarist – BSc Mathematics – 24 years

Austine Okore – Vocalist BSc Geology – 21 years

Frank Odongo – Vocalist – BSc Microprocessor Tech 24 years

Lucky Misoi – Vocalist – B.Eng Electrical Engineering – 21 years



Our ambition in life is precisely bringing our audience the best in us in each and everything we touch, and impact lives positively through our careers. Being students in a world-class university, we intend to give out topnotch output that pelts our subjects to a world class level. Being the most promising upcoming band, we have an ambition to infiltrate both national market pretty soon.

Apart from studies what do?

Other than studies and trivial co-curricular endeavors, we pursue music. We learn, write, compose, structure, sing, perfect, record, perform and do all manner of creative things with music. It is the most priceless we all have managed to afford.


Anything else?

We are one of the very few bands, if not the only, that does all the four voices separately to come about with a very interesting stream of harmonies.

Tell us about your love lives.

We are all in love with music save for two here who are rooted deeply in relationships.

Social Media handles?

FB: Halisi

IG: @halisitheband

TW: @halisitheband


What are your Inspirations?

Our inspiration remains any single musician universally who began from scratch and has and managed to build them an enabling empire that fulfills his/her audience as well as give back to the society.

Finally, what are your challenges?

Our challenges are trivial ones and ones that will be overcome soon. They revolve around finances and our content getting inadequate airplay.