You are all suited up; tie, belt and watch checked. In a Mark and Spencer, clean shaven looking all good for that job interview. You are a young lady fresh from campus, in a nice fitting pencil skirt, decent blouse all buttoned up, nice lady blazer and hair comb in a ponytail and you look like that job.

You have made it all the way to meeting the CEO. You passed the written interview also known as an aptitude test; you guys were probably like more than 20. Grammar was tested, you were lucky enough not to confuse lose and loose an epidemic that is killing the young society. You aced the math calculations, even without a calculator, impressive. The general knowledge was not as bad, at least you can differentiate between deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning.

You proceed to the online interview, which by the way is usually optional for some companies.  Now you are down to 10 people. This is usually not a test as such; it is a personality test, to get to know you better, no to get to know you cognitively. No one fails this test. Then the panel interview, three to five people asking you all sorts of questions, all revolving around the job description, luck follows you again; you make it to top 3. You dress like you own a bank, and not like you need a loan from it, because you are going to meet the CEO.

She is warm, she is nice. She offers you a cup of tea, you don’t know whether to accept or not or is it part of the interview. But you do, because you are African. She will ask you personal questions to make you comfortable and less tensed. You have a feeling she likes you, because she just asked you “when do you think you would start working for me?” When you thought it was a done deal, she asks you the one tricky question you thought you escaped.

“What are your expectations?” In other news, what should your salary be? Research says, you should never try to negotiate anything until there is an offer.  You probably had researched before you came this far to meeting the CEO.  

Always keep it positive and never sell yourself short. So you give her a range, you read somewhere; a degree holder should be paid ksh 50,000 net. Give a fair, well thought and reasonable amount.

Also keep in mind, some companies may pay you less but have other benefits such as incentives, insurances, retirement, fewer work hours and promotions.

So be brave enough and let that tricky question get you the job.