I woke up to a notification, a reminder that school starts today. Can’t say I was the happiest lad but it has its perks. As I struggled to get my last winks of sleep, trying to facilitate a “school is not yet open” dream, it hit me, I would be meeting all the crazies I had spent the better part of the previous year with.

All the adventurous girl hunting sexcapades. The thrill of planting trees(Yes, even I can’t still believe it’s me saying these words) The drama and havoc goons caused. Leading us also to aspire to be them in a year(We dropped our CVs, feedback is still pending but hopeful) The scandals chiqs caused after finding out their boyfriends had other pet projects, The broke days, and the blowing money fast ones*cc @HELB_KE*

The CATSĀ  we did without mwakenyas – what are those?? – and the exams which had us tensed about landing on the supplementary list, only to get a D, which in fact was joy to our ears.
These memories came across as a double-edged sword. Yes, being in school can get boring, but that’s the point, it drives you to create your own fun, rave with 200ksh even.
It’s a part of life. Not sure how you’ll turn out if you don’t go through it but I wouldn’t want to wait to find out if I was you. I wish you all a joyous first day of school, and those who are in school already, the struggle continues.
PS:Those freshas who are ducking the first two weeks of school so that you don’t look like one, we will still find out if you are – Huddah am talking about you.
Now get to school!!