Generally Monday is a day where all your motor functions are slower as you are adopting to the early alarm clock coupled up with the fear of getting late to work or school-if you have stern lecturers that is-and we all wish it was an extended weekend…or at least half of it…

Some of you even woke up with pains in areas you didnt know existed..a tattoo you didn’t have on Saturday and probably a cold from the heavy downpour….freight not..i know just what you need…some laughter…

Here are some of the most hilarious hangover ‘mug shots’  we could find.

This is how the night started

Joe-Muchirishaffie weru

This is how the night ended


Yes...even Huddah gets hangovers... Make up 0:Nature 100
Yes…even Huddah gets hangovers…
Make up 0:Nature 100

celebs-hangover-0 TararReidHungOver_wearing116520w