This is a stressing time for Kenyans and especially students. With the Garissa attack and various scare attacks, you as a student, is suffering a lot of stress. You may not know how to concentrate on your studies with all the horror stories going around.

So below are a few within reach ways for students to find stress relief at any time:

1.  Eat Right

You may not realize it, but your diet can either boost your brain power or sap you of mental energy. Eating a balanced diet and healthy snacks helps in stress relief. Snacks such as chocolates and apples have been scientifically approved as great stress relievers.

eating healthy


2.  Breathing Exercises

When your body is experiencing stress, you’re often not thinking as clearly as you could be. A quick way to calm down is to practice breathing exercises. These can be done virtually anywhere to relieve stress in minutes, and are especially effective for reducing anxiety before or even during tests, as well as during other times when stress feels too much.

3.  Power Naps

Students, with their packed schedules, are notorious for missing sleep. Unfortunately, operating in a sleep-deprived state puts you at a disadvantage. You’re less productive, you will find it more difficult to learn, and you may even be a hazard when using a machine. Take a 20 minute power nap between classes to reboot your brain.

power nap


4.  Staying Organized

It’s a fact that clutter causes stress, and can decrease productivity and even cost you money! Many students live in a cluttered place and even have cluttered study areas, and this can have negative effects on grades. One way to reduce the amount of stress that you experience as a student is to keep a soothing study area that’s free of distractions and clutter. It’s worth the effort.

5.  Exercise

One of the healthiest ways to blow off steam is to get a regular exercise program going. Students can work exercise easily into their schedules by doing yoga in the morning, walking or biking to campus, or dancing. Starting now and keeping a regular exercise practice throughout your lifetime can help you live longer and enjoy your life more.


6.  Visualizations

This one is easy, effective, and can help you to do better in school. Visualizations can help you calm down, detach from what’s stressing you, and turn off your body’s stress response. You can also use visualizations to prepare for presentations, to stress less and score higher on tests by vividly seeing yourself performing just as you’d like to.

7.  Music

A convenient stress reliever that has also shown many benefits, music can help you to relieve stress and either calm yourself down or stimulate your mind as your situation seems. Students can harness the benefits of music by playing classical music while studying, playing upbeat music to ‘wake up’ mentally, or relaxing with the help of their favorite slow melodies.

Despite all the bad things going on, let us not let terrorism leave us to live in fear. We shall overcome.

By @cynthiatuts