As much as people enjoy drinking, including formulating various drinking games and hash tags such as #drinkcember; no one loves a hangover, not one bit of it.
In various people it manifests in different ways, some get headaches, some get nausea, others lazy and some sources describe their feeling as that of a hammer banging in your head!
Over the decades various myths regarding how to make these hangovers go away have circulated in society. We have searched far and wide to bring you some easy tips to help you get over the amazing weekend that just went by;

1. Dawa ya moto ni moto: This is where you wake up to a light drinking spree. They say the easiest way to get over a hangover is to stay drunk! Well, bottoms up!

Note to Raila: That’s why young people wake up to pombe, the bhangi part am entirety in the dark. This method is effective in a way, but you could end up becoming a drunkard.

stay drunk
2. Eat raw veggies: The best vegetable for this is cabbage. Yes, people do that. S/O to mama mboga! Next time you are about to go out for a wild night, make sure your vegetables are in check.


3. Drink milk: If the vegetables are too much for you, try drinking milk before going drinking. Kind of stabilizes your stomach for the mass drunkardness later.

4. Eat eggs: You can have them either raw or cooked. I have witnessed people beat raw eggs and drink them. They’re packed with cysteine, an amino acid vital to detoxing, even if scientists remain dubious.


5. Drink water: Hangovers are all about dehydration. Gulp plenty of water post drinking and the morning after to rehydrate. So make sure to carry water around with you wherever you go today.

drinking water

6. Hit the gym: You’re not actually sweating out that tequila when you go to the gym the morning after your party. But exercise can help in the way of releasing endorphins!


7. Sleep: Time heals all wounds, including hangovers. Doctors say the best remedy is to go back to sleep and hope your hangover is gone by the time you wake up!

Various companies have manufactured various hangover cure drinks. They don’t taste as good as the packaging looks, trust me. If neither of these work, one tip, don’t drink in the first place.
Hope this will help you get over your hangover Monday a little easier.