#HangoverMonday 8 Ways To Get Over The Monday Blues

It’s quite evident that most people hate Mondays. We all want this day in particular to be banished or simply disappear. What we don’t get is that the way we end our days also affects our outlook on things.

Most people just assume a Monday is a day to just go through and finish and head hope, watch the news and sleep.

Here are five sure ways to end a boring day with a bang!!!

1. Watch cartoons 

These creatures will definitely help you get over your Monday blues. My personal favorite is Sponge bob square pants. There is no dull moment with cartoons and you shall feel sunshine spread in your heart.

2. Hang with friends

What better way to end the day than reviewing the day’s shenanigans with friends? Look particularly for the friends that make you laugh.

3. Take a long bath

Nothing feels better at the end of the day than a nice warm bath. It kind of feels like all the horror and trash you went through has been cleansed. Make this particular bath long.

Meditate, even hold your own private concert there. No one will mind. Whatever you do, just let loose.

4. Listen to music with friends

Friends can make any day better. If you can, listen to the music you don’t like and critique or laugh at the lyrics. I’d personally listen to Willy Paul’s songs, translate them to English and laugh pretty hard.

5. Watch a comedy

Tickle your funny bone with a comedy. I recommend MR BEAN or SHUCKS TSHABALALA…… after which you will sleep like a baby. Always remember, laughter is the best medicine. IT REALLY IS!!!

6. Eat

Ever thought about food as a way to tackle your Monday Blues? By starting early you allow yourself to make yourself a good breakfast or grab one on the way to work. A stomach with fuel for the day sure helps in dealing with Monday Blues. If that doesn’t work, look forward to a good lunch with good company.

7. Dress up

If you need a pick-me-up, wear something you absolutely love. If you already feel groggy, dressing sloppy will only make you feel worse.

8. Treat yourself

Create a little ritualized treat to look forward to on Monday mornings. You can buy yourself a Pizza pie, milkshake or read Varcity. That’s always the best way to treat yourself.

Do you feel stressed going back to school  or work on Mondays?

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