#HangoverMonday Vodka Can Save Your Life in 3 Ways! Read How Here.

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(Last Updated On: February 16, 2015)

If you’re a Vodka lover here is some good news for you. That drink won’t kill you unless taken in excessive amounts instead it’ll reduce your mortality. Yes, I shit you not. You’ll might just make it to 80 with this drink.

Reduces disease: It reduces your risk of getting a stroke, Type 2 Diabetes and enlarged prostrate (that’s to all the guys out there), sijui I suggest it to my grandma. Just a shot a day and she might just see her great grandchildren. You think she’d take that well ama I just lenga that story?

Helps reduce weight: Anyway, that’s not the only thing vodka magically helps in. If you’re watching your weight Vodka is you best alcohol choice. It’s carb free and it also negates all the calories in the sugary juices and creamy liqueurs in your cocktail. Isn’t that something? Say no to beers and ”Hello, vodka” if you’re feeling good about your sexy six pack well toned body.

Reduces stress: Vodka!!! Vodka!! Vodka!! I know most of us take alcohol as a stress reliever and that they say is the a lie. Well, good news. It is a fact that Vodka reduces stress levels in a person than alcohol equivalent in red wine. It reduces your brain response to stress for those who wanna know the science behind it.

There’s belief that Vodka cures hangovers , common colds and headaches. I can’t attest it’s medical proven but feel free to try it. If Russians believe it, how false can it be?
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