#HangoverMondays – The Longest Monday Ever!


After the long weekend the faces in offices are hilarious! The long weekend begun from Thursday night when you could smell the excitement in the air. From Alaines concert in Nakuru to 2 chainz performance, the weekend had many people put their body through sleepless nights and alcoholic binging.  Well, its Monday and we must go back to reality.

This Monday is hitting quite hard!  Some have exams today-bless your souls-others had to hurry to get to work or be on time for that stern lecturer’s lecture while others, i call them fatally lucky, get to laze around, sleep longer in bed and watch movies while stuffing themselves with junk food. Mark my words, luck does run out!!

Anyway, as always, I would like to share the after effects of too much alcohol or as the drunkards put it “those who cannot hold their liquor”. Even though you are having a hangover at work, it cant be as bad as these guys.

If you have such friends, make sure to send their pictures through and you can see them next Monday.