Marriage has not always been a bed of roses for many. Marriage is supposed to be for better for worse. Someone once said, marriage should be for better and when it reaches worse it’s for someone else.

Well  Eko Dydda has been trending for quite sometime. He has positive vibes. His two kids have also been on the top notch game. When you see people smile, you might think everything is well put together. Unfortunately, his wife Cynthia shared a heartbreaking info on her Instagram page.

If the post is something to go by, then Eko Dydda might have decided to taste a Mpango wa Kando. What is the fuse? Is the spare tyre a long time friend of the family? That’s the question many would love to hear.

Sources that tried to reach out to the musician said that Eko Dydda refustes all the claim. We are yet to find out whether the story is true but as they say, where there’s smoke, fire is exhuming.