Are you the guy she talk to about the other guy whom she has that crazy crush on? Do you hold hands and walk while swinging them in public? You are not a close friend with the chance of being more than tha. Dude you are just a FRIEND, CLOSE TO BROTHER EVEN. You have been FRIENDZONED.

  1. 1.      She calls you her brother- You know very well that you are not related in any way, so why does she see you as a brother? You are always there for her and support all her endeavors unconditionally. If she has already called you a brother, you are so deep in the ‘Friend Zone’ it’s ridicoulous.
  1. 2.      She talks about guys with you, and she is not doing it to make you jealous – She already sees you as the best friend and the best person to talk to because you understand her fully.. So when she is talking to you about other guys and letting you know just how many are hitting on her, then she is not doing it to get your attention or to make you jealous, you are just a good friend.
  1. 3.      There is no sexual tension –  When you’re close to somebody that you like who likes you back, if even only a little bit, there is always some kind of sexual tension. In the best cases it feels like a magnet and in other cases it gets your heart beating faster a little bit at all the possibilities. If you do not feel any of this with her and she sees no signs of feeling it, its no doubt you’re in the friend zone to stay.
  1. 4.      She finds you hilarious ALL THE TIME. Seriously wet-your-pants funny-Ah, the doubters amongst you will deny this one. “Oh, she/he must really like me if they laugh at every single one of my jokes. It’s a sign of deep affection.” No. Why would someone who wants to spend the rest of their life with you pretend to find you funny all the time? No one is that good, no one. However, friends are different, they have a similar sense of humour and find a lot of the same things hilarious. So beware of becoming a clown, it won’t get you closer to a declaration of undying love!
  1. 5.       She isn’t ashamed to reveal their disgusting and weird habits around you – Have you ever pictured a mami like Avril or Size 8 taking a dump? Yes, if she is not afraid to show you that she does this and is very comfortable telling you that she needs to fart? Honey, you are sadly I the Friend Zone.