The other day I was so ill and had no clue how I’d catch up with all my school work after being down and out for a whole week. Quite the notes, right?

Just follow the following steps if you find yourself in the same fix. Saved my life (school life) and helped me cover all the notes and catch up with the rest in no time.

1. Make a list of what you’ve missed. It can be scary, but you need to be able to gauge exactly how much you have to do.

2. Talk to your teacher about it. Tell them that you’re feeling like you’re behind and ask them to go over with you what you need to do. (i.e. homework) If you want, you can also ask them for permission to re-do old work which you may not have done well on. They’ll be happy to help.

3. Hand in all upcoming work on time. Make a pact with yourself not to get any farther behind while you work on catching up. Set aside time every day to gather all upcoming assignments and make a detailed plan for how you will complete them. This is showing responsibility and will get you motivated to get caught up. This is also helpful so you don’t get behind anymore.

4. Try to get tutoring. Ask a teacher or a friend to tutor you after school or on weekends. This can get you caught up with everyone. This is really helpful if you’re having difficulties in school or if you just need the extra help. Some schools even offer special tutors to help students.

5. Have a study buddy. It’s proactive to identify a friend who can tell you what was covered. This will help you identify the things you need to ask the teacher.