The Best Wamlambez Challenge Videos Yet!!

Ethic crew has been on the rise for some time with their hit songs ‘Pandana’ Fig and more. They have brought a new sensation in the music industry with most of the youth who love partying can help but love the crew.

One of their songs dubbed, Wamlambez Wamnyonyez has been on the airwaves for quite some time and now a new challenge has been developed. It is an easy challenge that anyone can try it out.

How do you play the challenge?

It’s very simple, one person or a group of people shouts Wamlambez at one point and the other team or person responds Wamnyonyez.

The Ethic crew are busy trying to pull out Naija and bongo beats out of our airwaves. Will they rise to the top? Only time will tell.

Do you have any other Wamlambez favorite challenge video? Share below.

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