Despite the flavors and the socialization that comes with shisha, there come numerous impacts connected to it.

Shisha smoking also known as hookah smoking is a form of smoking tobacco that is sweetened with fruity substances such as apple, mint among others as opposed to mainstream smoking tobacco on cigarettes.


It contains the same harmful substances as cigarettes; nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar. You can smoke it through a pipe; a long pipe that connects to a glass container filled with water and heated coal at the top to emit the smoke.


As usual, health experts warn that excessive consumption of shisha smoke is harmful to the body.


  1. Addiction. First effect is usually addiction that sees one smoking on a regular, long smoking sessions and almost daily. Social substance abuse results to elevated use hence chemical dependency. When an addict doesn’t indulge in shisha smoking for so long, they begin to feel sick, since their body gets used to it. Smoking, changes the whole body from mind and behavioral tendencies.
  2. Oral hygiene. Smoking and dental health don’t go together. Excess consumption of shisha smoking may stain the teeth. It may also lead to bad breathe, gum disease and tooth decay from the tobacco and in most cases mouth cancer.



3. Lung related complications. Amateur smokers usually end up coughing their lungs out. Shisha smoking may cause breathing and respiratory problems. Tobacco messes the lung structure, making it weak and prone to failure. It also triggers asthma. Lung cancer results from smoking.

4. Increased chances of a stroke and brain damage. The regular smoking may generally weaken the head rush, awesome feeling huh? Then comes the feeling faint, headaches, at times confusion, rapid decrease in blood pressure and breathing rate and long term use of tobacco may cause seizures. All this cause by the irritation from the smoke.

Whether you enjoy the regular puff or two of Shisha its really up to you, however keep in mind the health effects.

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