HELB loan was designed by government to assist those attending Kenyan education institution, the loans are available for both undergraduate and post graduate students. The application is done annually for the continuous students.

May students have false impression on HELB loan that it entails high deduction and penalties after KRA has discover that the student has secured job. But this will on be possible in case the loanee default in repayment of the loan.

HELB loans enable more than half university students to pursue their degree and most of the students could not have effectively joined campus without HELB loans and therefore students and those who have completed their undergraduate program should ensure that they pay the loan as soon as they are out of campus and to avoid high penalties and accumulation of interest on the HELB loan as well as to enhance their credit rating in the corporate world.

Repayment of the HELB loans also enable other students who are in dare need to join campus to effectively join and this is only possible if the Higher Education Loan Board has collected enough funds in collaboration with KRA to finance them. Every student should revisit the terms and conditions of HELB application to enable the escape penalties and interest accumulation.

There might be an upward trend in the university fee therefore its prudent enough if it tallies with the amount of HELB loan that the students are given to avoid inconveniencies in fee payment. Therefore it’s appropriate for the executive members of HELB to revise the terms and conditions of issuing the loans, so that the amount of the loan should commensurate the economic conditions and also to avoid rigidity in the HELB loan unit. If the executive members of the HELB effectively review the loan unit, then most students will apply for the loan and process of loan repayment would be appropriate.

HELB also provide bursaries and scholarship to students which are crucial in development of individual career resulting into one’s academic excellence.


Writer: Emmanuel Ohallo.