University is a modern day luxury that not many Kenyans can afford but bursaries like the HELB loan have eased the acquisition of this luxury. This loan as most people know is offered yearly and is to be paid back once you bare the fruits of your college education-a job.

Even as students strike about the delay of the funds in their account some forget the intricacies of this whole ordeal because of course university comes with its pressures; mental, social and economic pressures. When the rich kids are hitting the club that Friday night with their swanky clothing, you wouldn’t want to be left out. You remember the thousands left in your account; you wouldn’t need all of it. Besides you’ve already paid this semester’s fee, you can find a way to raise at least 5,000 shillings of the next sem’s fee. Plus, you aren’t going to use it all on one night.

One night turns into a bunch of nights. You forgot to find a job to help with your upkeep, you drained your account of your loan’s money on raving clothes, booze, nice eat out joints in the city and possibly gigs. The semester is almost over; it is almost time to travel back to Eldoret to your family that is so proud about having their first potential graduate. Your father gave up a quarter of his harvest money to you for transport and its remains for pocket money.

The exams make your head spin, oh how the semester has flown by. You think, I probably shouldn’t have gone out that many times and how am I going to get home? So as your comrades pack their bags to kiss the countryside during the long holidays you figure out a lie to tell your folks so that you can stay in Nairobi and find a way to get next semester’s fee. You surely know that your mother would roast your bottom if she found out what you did and you’d never see another quarter of your dad’s harvest.

University is a huge, fun playground with minimal rules and restrictions, kind of like The Hunger Games. Just remember that in a few years, when you are working at Barclays bank or Kirigiti Primary, the HELB guys will be deducting a token of your once-upon-a- semester club money from your salary.

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