Hello from the Other Side. It’s Adele!


“Hello from the other side, I must have called a thousand times’’.

Striking, intense and super-emotional are the best three words to sum up Adele’s new jam, Hello. The song is doing well and the fact that it has been on everyone’s lips since its release last Friday is a testament that Adele will never disappoint no matter how long she takes before releasing a new jam.
Coming complete with a video that features that classic signifier of grandiose musical heartbreak, Adele belts out the lyrics and the song gets you all sentimental.
The opening is striking -“Hello, it’s me” – and the chorus quite witty- sticking after one listen.
Unfolding slowly, Hello conveys a mood of emotional uncertainty. It’s a supremely confident comeback from Adele, creeping up on the listener while showing a persuasive degree of restraint. It rides on two ominous piano chords, orchestral strings shading the end of the first verse, swelling through the second, before the chorus arrives with a grave blast.
A beautiful song of loss and regret, it takes a grip on the kind of memory every listener holds somewhere in their heart and merges it with Adele’s own drama.
Written with Greg Kurstin, the California producer, Hello is a class act delivering the raw, honest feeling that has made Adele a superstar.
The video is mournful. The song is not all about fancy phones as it features Adele trying to call using flip top mobiles and landlines.
Directed by Xavier Dolan, “Hello” was shot in Montreal’s countryside and showing the singer caught up in the immediate aftermath of a heart-wrenching breakup.

The single is from her upcoming album 25 and there is no doubt that Adele’s hello is loud for all to hear.