Help Out A Friend Before It’s Too Late – 5 Ways to Spot Depression


As I am writing this, suicidal thoughts are crossing my mind. I have been going through hell on earth and worst part is that nobody knows about this. I am a very good actress and faking a good time comes as easy as ABC to me. But the best part about all this is that I am strong enough to handle it on my own.

I can’t help but question, what about that person who isn’t as strong as I am??

A lot can be attributed to depression especially in campus. Things like broken families, unwanted pregnancies, abusive love affairs, and more. Recent research indicates that more than half of campus students report “above average” or “tremendous” stress levels, and 30 percent say that stress has a negative impact on their academic performance.

It is key that we learn what the first signs of depression are, that we may be able to avoid premature deaths to suicide among our comrades.

Here are a five signs to spot on a friend that might be slipping into depression.


Usually someone wants to keep to themselves and away from the world. They rarely talk or only talk to the very few people they think will be there for them.


The particular person will go through an extremely pessimistic time and lose hope in almost everything. They always see the dull side of things despite the fact that they were never that way


They might be talking about cutting themselves, or make jokes about dying and killing. This is a serious cry for help and the said person should seek medical attention soonest possible.


The lack of sleep may cause irritability and the slightest provocation will anger the person. People going through depression rarely get any sleep or rest because of constantly thinking


In most cases the lack of appetite is an indication of an eating disorder but in some cases, they binge eat. When you notice any kind of change in your friend’s diet, inquire and talk to them to decipher whether it is normal.

So help out a friend especially if you notice any of these attributes, talk to them and do not ignore them for being snobbish. They will tank you one day.