Unicode has announced that 67 new emojis have been marked as “draft candidates” for 2018. This means that they will be voted on in the upcoming months with final candidates included in the Unicode 11.0 launch June 2018. 

Simple as they may seem at face value, there’s actually a good amount of thought put into those ‘lil poops and smilies. It’s all overseen by a group called the Unicode Consortium — of which Apple, Google, Adobe, Facebook and a bunch of other big names are members. Within that consortium is a group called the Emoji Subcommittee, which solicits and vets ideas from just about anyone willing to make a case.

The emoji candidates come in a wide array. You’ve got your variations on the classic yellow smiley; then there’s animals, food, hair styles and random objects.

In terms of human faces, the set includes one with curly hair, one with white hair, one with red hair and another with no hair at all. The gender and skin tones of the faces have not yet been disclosed.



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