Here Is A List Of Other Performers Coming Through For The Varcity Piknik 6th Edition

Saturday is going to be a day that you should not miss in your calendar because it is a plan that one can never get tired of.

I am talking about the Varcity piknik 6th Edition that is going to take place in Two days time or should i say in a day’s time?

There will be lots of performances from young and energetic artistes whose vocals will just leave you in a gaze.

Yozowo band is just one of the bands that will be performing on that day and due to your demand, here is a list of other artistes that will perform on that day.

  1. Leziki Band.

This a male band consisting of four young energetic men with melodious voices and if you have not had a chance to see them perform then this is your chance.

2. Lisya music.

She is a vibrant lady with a very good voice. She does covers for songs and her voice is something that will surely make you come for the piknik.

3. Anash muziki

She is a lady who has done so many covers including Beyonce’s irreplaceable and so many covers and wee, she has a pretty good voice that you should check out on her social media pages.

4. Notix_ke

Can you call it hip-hop tune? well, this is surely a young lad to look out for when you come for the piknik and his rap game is just high up there.

Make sure to get your tickets to the Varcity PikNik 6 edition.

The theme is all about protecting you and your loved one. Stay safe, always use a condom, and get tested before doing anything.

Join us at Othaya Road, gate 25 on the 9th iof February and come socialize while enjoying live music.

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