It seems like Cabinet Secretary for Tourism Najib Balala Is now a wanted man by the US authorities.

CS Najib Balala

Balala and controversial are among more the than 10 Prominent Kenyans that are under investigations by the US government for having links with the notorious Akasha Brothers. The immediate Mvita Constituency former M.P and the other 10 are being accused of taking bribes from the brothers in order to protect them.

Baktash Akasha and Ibrahim Akasha gave up the names of those on the list in a US court last month and the names on the list are said to be more than just 10. The two confessed to having offered millions of shillings to some crooked police officers, the Cabinet secretary, a top lawyer, a prosecutor, a senior detective and two judges.

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Two magistrates are also among other prominent Kenyans wanted by the US government with most expected to face charges of obstructing justice once investigations are complete.

Meanwhile the DPP has taken that opportunity to emphasis on his claims of the rot in our Kenyan judicial systems with the new US evidence on the involvement of government official with the Akashas proving he was right.