RONALD NGALAWhich is the biggest mall in Kenya? Most of you would think it’s TRM (Thika Road Mall) but this is my advice as an economist; ALWAYS DO YOUR SHOPPING AT RONALD NGALA STREET. This is where roughly all ‘mwananchi’ supermarkets are; Naivas,Tuskys, Nakumatt, Ukwala and Bestly. Oh, by ‘mwananchi supermarket’, I meant a supermarket without a defined parking…ile ya watu wa matatu. You first windowshop for all the items you want then you walk into the different supermarkets and buy only the cheapest; the distance covered here is even shorter than the one covered when shopping inside Nakumatt  lifestyle or TRM. Plus the mtumba madhes always display their merchandise that rarely sells for more than 200 baab. Plus this is also the zone for the cheapest matatus in East Africa; Githurai 45 matatus charging around 20baab for around 20kilometres. (That’s a whooping Kshs 1 per Kilometer with a mugging probability of 1). This is also where you’ll get the cheapest cafes where you don’t need to buy tomato sauce coz the chillie sauce is so diluted that it tastes even sweeter than tomato sauce. Just like other malls, you’ll find hot KU chics waiting for mathrees (the ZamZams and Paradisos ). This fact makes it the biggest mall in Kenya.