Safe days are the days that one can have sex without the use of contraception and still not conceive.

What are Safe Days?

The unsafe days are the five days before ovulation (because that is how long some sperm cells can survive in the body) and the day of ovulation itself ( because the egg cell is fertile only than).

So six days a month are unsafe, the other 24 are not. the only problem is that ovulation cannot be precisely predicted and may vary for different reasons (stress or illness, also young girls and older women are often very irregular).

What do I need to Know?

So it is first necessary to know how many days in average your menstrual cycle is and how regular it is.

If your cycle was always 21 days and your longest 33 days, your first unsafe day is 4 and your last unsafe day is 23.

Very complicated.

To be on the safe side always consider the use of a contraceptive, Eg. Use of condoms to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy.

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