Lupita Nyongo’s younger brother, Junior Nyong’o shocked many people as he wore a dress to a public function, Blankets and Wine. He stepped out on a dress on November 4th at Ngong Racecourse for Blankets and Wine festival.
The rebellious actor has shocked many for his choice of dressing and so much more. He was first seen posting a picture with Snoop Dogg while smoking weed on Instagram. People left wondering how much he really does smoke cause he looked so high in the picture and there were so many rolls of weed.

He then did a nude photoshoot and he posted the pictures on Instagram. With flowers all over his body while nude. Normally these are the type of shoots girls do, but hey he said fxck gender norms.

This is the type of lifestyle some of the black men live these days like Jaden Smith also wears dresses and does these kind of shoots. They say they are different and they won’t embrace the gender rules.

Should we embrace this ‘new thing’? Is there something we are missing?