Hip hop culture has for a long time been tied inextricably to recreational drugs and Kenya’s hip hop scene is no exception to this phenomenon that has gripped this genre of music worldwide. Alcohol and drug abuse has been a major problem with the hip hop family and some of the major acts in this industry are on record admitting to using hardcore substances.

Major acts in the industry like [email protected] and Abbas Kubbas are some of the names allegedly accused of being intoxicated always.

Jimwat in his hay days
Jimwat in his hay days

It has been said that the constant partying and time in studios leads many to increase the use of drugs. An artist who doesn’t want to be named said;

“Weed is great for inspiration. Once you smoke up, words come freely to you. “

Graffiti artist Bankslave said that it is absolutely unacceptable to link hip hop and drugs and says the culture of hip hop does not include drugs. Upcoming hip hop artist Virusi also disputes this notion and says such stereotypes are wrong but encourages musicians and other influential personalities in the hip hop industry to be role models and give good content to the people if they don’t want hip hop and drugs to be linked.

Tunes like ‘Pombe Bangi’ show all that the Kenyan youth is up to now. Smoking sheesha, bhang, drinking booze and twerking. Where do they get these ideas??

Warren G, Rihanna and Snoop smoking a massive joint
Warren G, Rihanna and Snoop smoking a massive joint

The international hip hop scene continuously emphasizes this notion and it will take a lot for people to understand . The general view is that lyrical content in the hip hop genre of popular has fueled the abuse among musicians and fans alike.

Most of Kalamashaka members have been known to give in to drugs like heroin and are still fighting their way out of the drugs hold. Johnny Vigeti, a member of Kalamashaka, was addicted to drugs for 14 years. His life got to be so bad that is was either he ends up in jail or dead. If it wasn’t for his producer, Kenring who helped him get off drugs, and release his new album with tracks like mama, life would have been very bad for him. He is now 9 months clean and everyday is a struggle.

K-shaka member Johnny Vigeti
K-shaka member and former drug abuser, Johnny Vigeti

If you are into hip hop and want to make it big, ask yourself, what are you willing to do for it?

Watch the Pombe bangi video here>>

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