Music is nowadays taking a distinctive turnaround from what people were used to. Trap music and mostly hip-hop is taking the lead when it comes to most downloaded songs or even those that top the playlist or music charts.

American Hip-hop sensation Post Malone just proved that right. He recently broke the record that was held by Michael Jackson since 1982, making it 34 years. His debut album Stoney has spent 77 weeks in the billboard top ten and even on the hip-hop album chart and is currently sitting at number nine.

Michael Jackson’s Album Thriller was dethroned by Post malone’s album- Stoney.

Michael Jackson’s album had spent 76 weeks in the top ten. The fanbase in the hip-hop arena has had a huge following and such a huge growth and this can be accounted to why Post’s album Stoney has taken over the record that was set in 1982. Nowadays listeners stream a song or album multiple times as opposed to before where fans would purchase a whole album and listen to it regularly.

The texas based singer has become a household name as this is not the first record he is breaking. His album `Beerbongs & Bentley’s had also spent its five weeks at the top spot. His songs have also been hits from time to time; White Iversion,Rocstar and Congratulations.

Right by him to say Congratulations for breaking the record, only time will tell how long he can hold that spot