Today was a big day for Kenya. President Uhuru Kenyatta officially launched the shilling currency coins in Nairobi.

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) on Friday issued new generation coins in line with 2010 constitutional requirements that banned the use of presidential portraits on Kenyan currency.

The new currency coins have symbols and not portraits of persons, as is required by the law, and will be circulating alongside existing ones.

The new coins — in units of Sh1, Sh5, Sh10, and Sh20 — contain features that make them accessible to the visually impaired.

What Animals are on the new Kenyan Coins

KES 1 coin = Bears the image of a Giraffe

KES 5 coin = Bears the image of a Rhino

KES 10 coin = Bears the image of a Lion

KES 20 coin = Bears the image of an Elephant

Sh1 coins weigh 5.5g and are silver in color while the Sh5coin weighs 3.75g with a diameter of 19.5mm. The Sh10 coin weighs 5g, is 23mm in diameter with a yellow outer and silver inner.

The new Sh20 coin weighs 9 grams with a diameter of 26mm – it’s silver outside and yellow inside. It’s silver on the outer side and yellow inside.

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Courtesy of Business Daily and NTV.