THE SONUThe Students’ Organization of Nairobi University (SONU) was established in 1982 as a central body representing University of Nairobi students, and Tito Adungosi, was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for sedition on 24th September 1982, soon after the failed Kenyan military coup of 1st august 1982. He died in prison under mysterious circumstances on 27th December 1988.

Prior to Andugosi and SONU’S reentry as central body representing student interests, several other key figures most of whom rose to omnipresent national personalities arose including Wanyiri Kihoro(1975), James Orengo(1973), Tito Adungosi(1982), Adongo Ogony(1982), Makau Mutua(1981), Paddy Onyango(1982), Rateng Oginga Ogego(1982), Mwendawiro Mganga(1985), Wafula Buke(1987), Miguna Miguna(1987), Kabando wa Kabando(1992), Oburu(1993), Kioko(1998), Ted Munovi(2003), Mwengu Mutuse(2003), Ngaruya K J(2004), GPO Oulu(2004).

They left behind burgeoning legacies that shine comrades’ pride to date. Fwambwa NC Fwamba and Wafula Buke have been mentioned in the same breaths of fighting tirelessly for students’ rights. Fwamba is currently an accomplished civil rights activist agitating for respect of human rights.